JBoss Forums is a JSF (Java Server Faces) based application designed for the JBoss Portal product.
It is an open source project. This means you can download the JBoss Forums package, throw it into your deploy directory next to Portal package and gain fully featured Forums Portlet.


  • All standard JBoss Forums features:
    • browsing categories
    • browsing forums
    • browsing topics
    • posting and replying
    • creating and voting on polls
    • posting attachments
    • administration
    • moderation of forum
    • user preferences
    • personalized view of subscribed topics and forums
    • e-mail notifications
    • RSS/ATOM feeds
  • Support for JBoss Portal 2.2, 2.4, 2.6 and 2.7
  • A fully modular architecture using JBoss Portal, Java Server Faces, and Hibernate
  • Fine grained security
  • Administration - creating, moving, deleting of categories and forums
  • Moderation - editing, moving, locking, unlocking, deleting of topics in forum
  • Support for attachments
  • Personalization - each user can make Forums fit his or her needs
  • Possibility to run as a standalone JSF web application
Name Position Contributorship
Luca Stancapiano JBoss Forums Lead Core development and management of JBoss Forums project.
Ryszard Kozmik JBoss Labs Developer Core and features development.
Julien Viet Community contributor First version based on nukes
Przemyslaw Dej JBoss Labs Developer Portal migrations, bugfixes and new features development.
Thomasz Szymanski Community contributor RSS/ATOM feeds.